I am have now started to shape the bow. Its not evident how to proceed. I am trying to bevel the edges much in the front then let it taper of towards the back. To keep the plywood together I am using trunnels or treenails set in NM-epoxy, because  it is easy to saw and grind them.

Below are some pictures. The plywood is screwed at the edges. If I remove the screws it will fall of. The trunnels are inside the screws. When the epoxy has set I can remowe the screws and bevel the edges.

Below a closer picture.

And one from the front. Click once or twice to enlarge.

The material for the trunnels comes from a flower shop. Its sticks to help the lazy flowers stand up. Flower crutches. I mean what motivates a flower to stand up once its stem has been cut. If I was a flower and a big animal came and cut me lose from my roots. I would not stand up just to please the cruel cutter.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.