There has been some progres. The hull is now shaped. First I used a Festool power planer to get the rugh shape, then I used longbords muscel powered first grain 24 then grain 60 finally the finishing touch with a Festool rotex orbital sander. The wedges made a good fit. On a few places where seweral wedges met i drilled a 20 mm hole and pluged it with a Divinycell plug. The load waterline at 1500 kilos and the centerline are marked.

I have also tested the big1:8 scale model, she confirmed the results from the 1:20 scale modell, that is, I am on the right track. I will improve the down wind performancet by making two more positions for the masts. The added new positions will be, side by side, forward of the hatch, one on each side of the deckhouse. Keep it simple they say. Sometimes an improvement can be worth its complication. Plankton breed by dividing, we breed by sex. It sure is a complication but might be worth it.

Yrvind Ten before shaping.

Click on the pictures once or twice to enlarge.

After shaping.

A Divinycell plug inserted in the drilled hole.

The plug is cut and sanded down. Plug and wedges makes a good fit with the Divinycell quadrangels.

Using the Festool plane. The dust extractor keeps the workshop clean.

The tools used.

The 1/8 modell bow view.

The 1/8 modell fram behind.

The more I work with Yrvind Ten the happier I get. Of course the project is ridiculus  but so is plying golf and climbing high mountains. What counts is to do something difficult. That is whats makes a project wortwhile. We human beings are the only animals being bored except wild animals in captivity. Wild animals are happy without entertainment, spices and modern conviniences. You get happy by working to your limits, not by going fast, slow down and happiness will catch up with you.

The next stepp is to laminate the boat. For that I need a few freinds. Male or female young or old do not matter. Important is If you have a positive interest in small boats and are handy and careful and like to lend a helping hand. If so call me at 0490 21530 between 20 and 22 houers any day. The lamination is planned to take place preferably a saturday, the 12th or 19th or torsdag 17 kristi himmelsfördsdag in Västervik. There is no pay and you will get your fingers dirty.

The publishing date for my book is getting close I have to work with the by my editor Malin revised manuscript that will also take some time.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.