Exlex now floats.

The bad thing is she is extremely tender, but she is a modell in reduced scale and one should not ask her to act as a grown up. The full scale boat will be just fine as stability increases very fast with scale. Still the plan to sail to New Zealand stands, although I think it will be a difficult voyage.

The god thing she has an extremely good stability range. We did a rool over test. At first she heeled over very easily but then she got stability.

At 90° she was god as with 120°, 150°, even at 180° she tugged at the lines and wanted to right herself. That was very positive.

She is of course far to heavy, still she did not float to deep, a good thing.

No water or nearly no water came in when she was uppside down, only a little that had collected in the ventilation systen may bee 0.3 liters and that drained out in the stearing room no harm.

My friends took plenty of pictures and videos in a few days I will be able to show them.

to be continued…

Regards Yrvind