Below can be seen the side panels getting fitted. I sleep on the floor in the forward part of the boat. The read containers are NM-epoxy, but I use them as mock up for water containers donated by Mellerud Plast.

Below is the sleeping room. The lead chambers can be seen at the bottom the other openings are for stowage. The top of the plywood side panel is reinforced with a U-profile in carbon. It contains handhold’s which also serve to fasten my safety belts into. All the black stuff is carbon prepreg cured in Marströms big autoclaves. Thanks to Göran and Pers kindness I have the full run of their workshop.

Below is the aft part of the boat. There I will have a nice seat and big windows to give me a good look at all the interesting things outside the boat. At the forward end is the ventilation channels.

The side panels fits snugly into the ventilation channels. With an epoxy fillet and some fiberglass I get a strong bound.

Below the the stowage hatches gets a coat of epoxy to seal the plywood. Note that the top of my home made work bench is made of a one inch thick steel plate.

Below, last but not least, me and Göran Marström in fromt of the big autoklaves. Thank you Göran for all the help.