The last work on the interior is now done, it was getting some NM-epoxy on the underside of the shelves. To make the epoxy flow in the right direction I turned the boat upside down and on its sides.

I also weighed her. She was at 250 kilos or 550 pounds found lean and strong.

After that I started on the lower aft deck. Here I am fitting the frames to the deck curvature which is 85 millimeter high on 1320 mm beam.

Here looking aft, having removed the pattern.

The frames are ready to take the Divinycell which for the deck and deck house I use a thickness of 30 mm and a density of 80 kilo per cubic meter.

After laminating the inside with one layer of 600 gram quadruple glass in NM-epoxy I bend with the help of lead weights the panel over the frames.

To be continued…