Below are some pictures of the work on the stowage hatches below the bed.

Work has not been fast. A film team from Hollywood has been here and entertained me with doing a video with me running in Reebok shoes. It was fun and hopefully it will get a nice price. They have now left and I am therefore still working on the hatches below the bed.

I have also been in Holland to fetch Janneke to help with the work. She is now  back in Holland.

Below Janneke laminating a L-profile to rest one end of the hatches on.

Click once or twice on the pictures to enlarge.

Two aluminium L-profiles are being used as moulds. Lead weights gives a bit of pressure.

The twelve compartments

The first hatches in place

The cleat locking system works well, but maybe the holes for the rope is a bit big.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.