A place for everything and everything in its place. It is important to get thing secured and easily accesible. That requaries a lot of detail and that takes time.

The arrangement for my bedroom is now nearly done. Today I finished lockers for my note pads. They are in A4 format and square lined 5 mm. Kollegieblock we call them and I really love them. I have used them since the 50-ies. They are exellent for drawing boats on using scale 1:40. One square then has a side of 20 cm, half a square is 10 cm.

Ipad and small computers also fit there. Two of these lockers are on each side. I use sliding lids. They work well I have used them on a few boats before 1968 the first time and on Exlex now 2018. The present ones are made of Tufnol a nice material I find.

Below some pictures.

The two sides. Port side the forward locker open. Starboard side both lockers closed.
The closed one
The open one
On the starboard side is a place for a one liter water bottle, the daily ration. Later I will secure the lids and the bottle.
I have now started with the anchor locker. It is below my seat between the lunch boxes. The pieces of carbon fiber is to be used for laminating a down holder on the chisel points of the SPADE anchors. I will bring three, 5.5 kilo, 9.5 kilo and 16.5 kilo. I hope I have never to use more than the 5.5 kilo one. The 5.5 kilo anchor will live assembled ready to use in the forward part of the boat.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.