The two last days has been not much sleep. Reason is, me now in Paris at the boatshow, the boat in a container on its way to Sweden.

It has not been easy organise the transport. I do not speak as good French as English. Despite this and with an internet which was mostly broken i managed to send the boat away to Sweden and fly out in less than one weak. The lorrydriver with the container with my boat dropped me at the Martinique airport yesterday noon. I was able to get a flight right away. This morning I landed in Paris having not got to much sleep on the plane.

The night before I sleapt in fits. It was more than 30 degreas worm in the boat and I had to keap the hatches closed becouse of the musquitos which had already started to give me new blisters. Also several phonecalls had to be done during the night back to Sweaden to get things organised.

In a weak I hope to be back in Sweden wraiting to get money for a new boat.

Regards Yrvind.