Tensioinng the hatch and flying to Madeira

Hello friends.

Progress is good due to sleepless nights. The nights that keep me awake brings good ideas.

The bow centerboard is a good idea but it comes with a cost. Maybe 50 kilos and space and controol lines. I think I can live without it relying on near vertical chine runners. I call them chinerunners becouse I belive they work in conjunction with the hull creating a kind of fluid fence redirecting the water that tries around the hull to lee creating a windward force. This is of course specultion. The effect I imagen is similar to the effect of a spoon held under running water with the concave side up. The spoon makes the water splash all over. As a child I found the phenomen interesting.

If you watch the youtube video “Yrvind in Stockholm Archipilago” you will see my yellow chinerunner boat sailing. It was longer wider heavier had less sail area than Matt Laydens Paradox and heeled much less. A chinerunner with horisontal chinerunners should heel to get the chinerunner effect. I sailed the boat in Sweden, I sailed her from Ireland to Madeira, I sailed her from Madeira to Martinique. She did not go well to windward due to lee healm. Very fortunately the last few houers of the many thousands of mile long sail sailing into the two mile long fjord leading to Le Marin I had a gale force head wind gusting 50 knots. Now the yellow boat was in her element. She heeled over and went to windward like a rocket. I nearly missed that experience. I have also sailed daily on Matts Paradox for a month and a few times on Enigma.

Now I hope that the Exlex prototype will guide me to a good position of the chinerunners.

I will take the lines of the bow of the Yellow boat of 2011 mirror them and mowe them apart filling the middle with a prism. The prism is straight edged. Along the edge there will be the chinerunners. I can mowe them back and forth on the prototype untill I find a good balance.

The rope pulling the airlock hatch against the hatch gasket need tension. It have taken me some time to make it work properly. First try did not work well. Secound try work well but was complicated. The present third  works well and is simple as shown in the wideo below.

The video also tells that I am now close to sailing.

Thanks to Mario of Hamburg who kindly paid for my Corona test.

To continue…

Regards Yrvind.