Yesterday I tried out the Waterproof wet suit. It was a cold and dark night. Up here in Sweden it is kind of dark and cold 24/7 this time of the year. The idea of the wet suit is to be able to clean the hull when sailing the cold waters in the Southern Ocean.  Also I am working on an drag device, a kind of pour mans Jordan Serius Drouge, a home made thing from plywood discs, but mostly I am just doing small odd jobs trying to get Exlex in peak performance to the spring of 2020. Its no major work and the list is rather long and as usual every job takes 3 times as long as estimated and for every job done 3 more seams to be added, but in the end like always finally everything will be done and the voyage starts. Patience is the ansver.

Below are some pictures and a video.

The Fiorentino Para-Anchor
The elements for my home made drag device.
The seven disks for my drag device. A chain is added to sink it and add more resistance. The idea is to slow the boat down when running before a gale. Its a low cost experiment and it does not take up a lot of space or weight even on a small boat. It might come in handy.


To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.