Here are some pictures of the aft deckhouse during construction.

A waterproof bulkhead is put in place.

I am not made of suger, but I like to keep the water on the outside. The below pictures show the part of the ventilation system separating water and air, the boat on even keel.

The draining holes. I use two water traps. Should the first one not suffice there is a secound.

This is how I did it on YRVIND.COM the yellow boat 2010.

A U-tube lets out water but not air. Below the box and U-tube painted.

Below a schetch of the principle.

On Ex Lex 2015 the building is simplified somewhat. I use triangular channels. Its simpler to make and no sharp edges, it also is stronger structurally even though I do not think the deckhouse can be damaged without that triangulation.

The “U” in place.

Looking from below the drain hole can be seen.

The channels sides in place, seen from above.

From below.

A shaky schetch of the idea. Hope it helps.

One more picture, the deck is coming on.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.