Today 18:30 we started to mix the NM-elastic epoxy. Helping me were Håkan Stefan Peter and Petter. All went very well although my original plan had to be changed for a better one suggested by Petter. One should always chose helpers that are smarter than oneself.

Below are some pictures taken by Håkan. The reason you cannot see him is that he is behind the camera.

The 138 kilo plate is hanging abouve the hull. From left to right Stefan, Petter and me.
The plate boults were inserted from below, Petters idea, that made it easyer to tighten them and have control of the plate.
Peter is below with a spanner keeping the bolts from turning
The plate is now hold by 17 stainless steel M6 bolts and the NM elastic epoxy. However the bolts will be replaced by 1/4 inch UNC silicon bronze screws becouse of corrosion and inside they take up space in my bed. More about that later
Me regarding the bolts watching how the NM-epoxy like worms under pressure is oozing out through the drilled holes.

I like also to thank Lagermetall in Örebro who supplied the bronze plate and Wevik Maskin AB here in Västervik who bent the palte to shape.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.