Today Börje has been here with a load of good things. Here we are trying the toggle of the gooseneck on the mast.

Below the toggle and its pin.

Below the ball and the mastfoot. There is two sets as the forespare also has its ball and mastfoot.

Below is the dead eyes. The mast can be made to tilt to windward. The mechanism for that are dead eyes. Usually dead eyes has three holes. I use two holes and a spectra line. Just before coming about I release the windward shroud and the rig falls over to leeward in a controlled manner. With three holes in the dead eyes I feel there would be unnecessarily much line and friction.

While Börje have been working on the fittings I have been making a mock up of the hatch. Below is the inner coaming.

Below can be seen the gasket around the inner coaming, the flat pieces of the outer coaming, the rope guiding of the hatch with the hatch in its foreward position.

Below the hatch in closed position looking aft. There are two bends in the roof of the deck house. I will only keep the aft as the foreward bend makes the attachment point of the rope to high.