There are ten hatches covering eleven compartments below my bed. The hatches are screwed down with 35 M6 screws. I chose long nuts and welded a washer to them. Then I set them in NM-epoxy. Jonny tested the nuts at the NM-laboratory. Each one held 780 kilos. The heaviest items are the four 19 kilos batteries, so no problem.

I zigzagged the edges of the hatches, thus I could put the nuts in one line, saving space.


To find out where to drill the holes I marked them with pointed screws before cutting into pieces.

The pointed screws were winded with Teflon thread tape, that the NM-epoxy would not glue them permanently.

The markt plywood before cutting.

A reenforced corner.

I also been to Stockholm giving a talk to Nordea Finans. A tall man helped me back to my car.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.