The hull is now on even keel. I know that the result of the operation might as planned because the hull was only fastened to the molds at the bottom. I did the lifting by the molds as can be seen in the first picture if you click to enlarge.  I did shape the hull by eye to get a good shape did not follow the molds to closely.

In some places there is distances of several centimeters between hull and mold. The hull have to my eye nice harmonic shape. I liked to have a look inside before commiting myself. But it is not strong very wiggly. It will be strong later.

To get more controol and increase my chanches of a positive outcome I bought 2 more chainhoists.  I now have six in total.  3 on each side. When I turn the boat left becomes right and I have to change attachment points. Now with 3 on each side I can take the load on the middle or the outer when I shift. The boat is now 2 meter longer and many times she will have to be turned around. It have never been soo easy as today. I good investment I think.

2 pictures below.

It is difficult to see the shape due to the many molds still in the hull.
The idea of this picture is to show the space between the molds and the planking. The molds are only attached to the bottom of the hull. All went well. Still I do not know how close I was to dropping the hull.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind