Ex Lex masts are free standing, still they need support. The boat will have 2 or 3 mast there will be a holder in each corner of the boat in the form of a carbon fibre pipe.

Below are some pictures of how I made the tubes a two meter lenght cut down into 4 pieces each 50 cm long.

The masts are Europe Class Dingy masts cut down to size. The original sleveve where made of POM or acetal or Delrin. To me that did not have enough wear resistance.

Kindly UV-elast of Mariestad made a 1 meter long piece for me that I cut down in pieces.

After I put down the phone the man went right down to the factory and poured it. The next day I had it in my hand.

At Marström Composite 500 meter from my home here in Västervik at the Swedish east coast I am starting to build the pipe using prepreg carbon fibre.

Testing to see if the mast and the polyurethan sleeves fits in the pipe.

Putting in the inside vacuum bag.

The outside bag is on and the vacuum applied. The black butyl tejp closing the bag can be seen. There can be no leaks.

The product in the autoklav. When the door is closed 4 bar pressure is put outside the vacuumbag and the air is heated to 120 degrees celsius. After 3 houers the product is done.

Below the mast in the pipe.

There is play that it will not stick. I will put up and take down the masts as other people do their reefing.

To be continued…

Yrvind congratulates Manie to his progress. Nice choice of colour me thinks.

Yrvind thanks Angelique for the artickle on dyslexia. A French publisher is interested in my book. We are looking for a translater Swedish to French. Pierre Herve have done plenty of excellent illusstrations. God willing we might see a book one day.

Regards Yrvind