After a few days of tweaking the layout is now OK. It has been a balance of how much room each compartment should have.

I decreased the size of the doors to 45×40 centimeter wich is ample. The bed will be 3 cm narrower and the stowage to port 3 cm bigger.

Some numbers.

The seat:

By having my legs through the door into the bedroom I gained a lot of space.

The deckhouse will cover my head.

The bed is 1.9 meter long and 70 centimeter wide, much bigger than the bed in “” the yeallow boat. Plenty of space.

Passing through the door to the front room from where sail handling and adjusting the leeboards will be done.

In the front room.

After closing the waterproof hatch to the sleeping room I open the deckhatch. In this position I can handle sails and leeboards.

Some people say the lenght of your yacht should correspond to the your age.

Thats is: Ten year old your boat should be ten feet

15 year old your boat should be 15 feet

30 year your boat 30 feet

40 year your boat 40 feet

50 year your boat 50 feet

60 year your boat 60 feet

Well thats certainly is a good formula for comfort, but comfort makes you lazy, fat and bored. Comfort gives a short life.

Better be active and happy in a small boat. It is also better for the enviroment.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind