I started to cut the middle mold from 18 mm spruce plywood supplied by CEOS. Then I did the ones fore and aft. To my surprise the had more beam. The joy of my idea to mirror the aft part of the model had clouded my thinking. Of course the widest part of the boat was not in the middle but a bit aft.
A step from the beaten track and you are a child in a new world. There is always something to go wrong when you try something new. The world is to complex to be predictable. My molds had brought me back to reality. If at once you, fail try again.
The easy fix was to make the middle one a copy of her neighbors. When the hull is lifted of the molds it bulges out in the middle anyway a small bit. So that takes care of that problem.

Click once or twice to enlarge.

Here they are. All af them. This will give me  a more roomy boat. Exlex 2018 had an inside beam of 96 cm Exlex of 2020 has an inside beam of 114 cm. That is realy sufficient. Exlex the Canoe Cruiser will get an inside beam of 122 cm.

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To be continued…

Regards Yrvind