September 12 2018

More of the NM-Epoxy for Exlex Minor from Nils Malmgren Ytterby has arrivied. My plan is to make a very strong bottom on the boat. It is good for handling the boat on land and I an emergency gives me the option run the Exlex up on a beach. The only place on Exlex where weight is advatageus is on the bottom.

Sunday morning 23 of September me and my friends plan to start to laminate the outside of the hull.

Most of the preparations are now done so there is not much more I now can do except relax a bit before the lamination is done. When done the boat will be turned right side up and lamination of the inside commence and the bulkheads.

The NM-epoxy arrived today. A big moment.
One more photo of the bow. Do you see any improvement? I have been sandpapering the hull houers after houers hopefully its getting smoother.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind