When Moitessier December 1968 to February 1969 crossed the South Pacific he had excellent weather. He relied on rain to get water, but he got very little rain so he started to worry. In the end he was alright.

Moitessiers experience is on reason I have decided to increase my water storing capacity. I had 51 liters. Now I decided to add two 24 liter plastic jerrycans getting it up to nearly 100 liters. Unfortunatly my containers vere to big for their intended stovage. See photo below.

However polyethylene gets soft when warm so I poured boiling water in them. See photo below.

That did the trick. Nice and smouthly by force of gravity they sunk to their distination and got a perfect fit. It was satisfying. See photo below.

Next problem was, when at sea, how to transfer the water to a bottle. A pump, I thought was to complicated and cumbersome.

I tried to use my non-smoking lungs. It worked to my satisfaction. See photo below.

Below, the tubes I used. The long tube that goes to the bottom of the container has a weight to sink it.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.