The human body is designed to live ashore, but it is extremely adaptable. This ability to adapt decreases rapidly with age. I am now close to 73 years old and I was qurius how my imuno defens system would stand up to months of saltwater enviroment with no possibilitys to clean my body with freshwater and soap. Would I develop salt water sores?

To my satisfaction my skins bones and muscles was still functioning as they were meant to do. The only mistake I made was when leaving Kinsale to stock up with Irish scones which I like. This is nothing my stomach is used to, but I liked them and I kept eating them.

At the same time the wheather was awfull, the boat to heavy taking water over her all the time, and of course there is no bathroom aboard. I had planned to hang on the outside but the aft deck was constantly under water. I said this can wait untill tomorrow. When tomorrow came the wheather had not improwed. I said to myself there is an other tomorrow. Finally it had to be done. Now it was rock hard. It was impossible to mowe it. But it had to be done. My one and only spoon was a teespoon. With it I started to dig. Piece by piece I got the shit out. It took me three days to clear the passage and it was painfull. The operation had to be done from a rocking boat with me hanging on with one arm handling the spoon with my other, but fianally I could clean the spoon to use for musli and sardines again. Luckily one is imune to ones own bakteria.

On the passages from Madeira to Martinique I did not make the same mistake. Everything worked to perfection.

I arriwied in Martinique in perfect health happy in the knowledge that my age had not coused any problem, becouse being at sea is such a wonderful thing.

Regards Yrvind