Ex Lex windows are very special. Unlike a lot of yachting windows they are made of glass. There are several reasons for that. Glass windows makes for a dry boat because water vapor condenses on cold surfaces and glass conduct heat much better than plastics therefore the glass windows acts as condensation plates and dries the interior in cold wet conditions.

Obvious of course is that glass gives the best vision, as it is very scratch proof.

Tempered glass is much stronger than ordinary glass almost indestructible. Unfortunately once in a million due to NiS nickel sulfide crystals it can self-destruct. Luckily the heat soak process where the glass is heated to 290 degrees is a destructive test that eliminates 99,99% or so of the glasses that has a tendency to self-destruct.

The nickel comes from stainless steel, the sulfor from acidity in the athmosphere.

Chanches that something may happen after the windows has past this test I consider remote.

Thanks to Johny and Emmaboda Ex Lex glasses are heat soaked.

Below are some pictures.

The windows in the soak having succesfully survived the test.

Johny and the soak.

Johny and a window. Thanks a lot Johny.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.