The bowboard daggertype did not slide up and down to my satisfaction.

I made a new board rotating around an axis. However the line arrangement became to complicated to my taste. I wanted to be able to chance the lines at sea.

Next idea to keep the bow into the wind, making her nicely fore-reach in a storm was to have a mizzen on the rudderpost and sheated to the rudder like the Thames barges a hundred years ago.

However being modern I wanted to make a solid rotating wing-sail using a VX40 rudder. Even that turned out to have its problems, but if at first you do not succeed, try again.

The final theory is to lean the mast to lee. That will give the boat weather helm, creating the same effect as a bowboard or a mizzen but much simpler.
The above picture shows a mock up of the strut giving the mast additional support in storms. The tilting angle is 30 degrees. In addition I have the shrouds.

At the moment I am repairing the damage I have done to the boat. Taking away the case for the bowboard and filling up the big hole.