To my friends at

Angélique is right. 1947 they opend my stomach and removed an appendix becouse I told the grown ups that I got stomach pain when I had to go to school. It is unlikely that there is an other one left, so the chanches that I turn up at Houtbay to say hello to Manie in his ten feet boat becouse an appendix are small. Besides I do not think, appendix or not, that I will make it in time.

It worries me that Manie will make his trials in a bay, even though it might be a windy one. To test a boat for an ocean passage one should, in my mind be far out to sea so that one can spend days riding out a gales far from shore.

If I may suggest something it would be to sail the south east trade wind up towards St Helena. Often nice weather and one gets to know the boat, then south towards Tristan da Cuhna group and back to South Africa where stronger winds may be encountered.

Repeat that a few times. Of course first make sure in Houtbay, that all system work.

Of course it is easy for me sitting here safely in my armchair to give advise, but it is what I would consider if I was testing an offshore boat in those waters.

Regards Yrvind.