TOMORROW 8 of august 2017 14:00 LAUNCHING

I have done what I can and the weather seams to be fine so if no disaster happens tomorrow will be the day.

Launching at 14:00 at Västerviks Båtvarv

Solbergs Udde

Peaople having a positiv interest in small cruisers are welcome.

A rollover test to determine Exlex stability range will be done.

After that the boat will be rigged wich will take not too long and if the wind is not to strong a test sail

Thomas Grahn my skipper from the Vega Atlantic crossing 10 years ago has promised to assist.

Below two pictures.

below: ready to roll out:

A few copies of a 72 page booklet in swedish with colour illustrations booklet about Exlex, small cruisers and the planned voyage coming from the printer this friday will be for sale. Price 100 kronor.

Crowdfunding without middleman:

People who like to support my project are welcome to Swish donations to 0706 200 550 or use the donation button on my website.

To be contiued…

Regards Yrvind.