I like to thank the following for help with the video

Fredrik Aurell

Andreas Eisdhagen

Pierre Hervé

Part one the rollover test.

Petter with the help of a boat hook is confirming that  Exlex rightning moment is positiv at all angels up to 180 degrees.

I am inside Exlex during the rollover test. The idea was that it was going to be a controlled rollover. However, Exlex is exceptionally unstabel upside down, dispite lack of ballast keel, but due to plenty of boyancy in her topsides so she just flipped over, and a good thing that is. I was not prepared and using one hand to hold my expensive phone I did not like to drop it so it was not easy get hold of something to hold on to, but on a small boat a rollover is a small problem. Now the are safety belts in the two cabins. I am in good shape and did not get hurt.

The secound part of the video show her sailing in Hunnebostrand. She is very stabel and easyly driven. The two sails each has an area of 2 square meter about the same as an Optimist dingy. Exlex is loaded with 70 kilos of water 4 anchors and some chain maybee 40 – 50 kilo and 4 40 amps batteries also my friend Thomas Grahn guessing 80 kilos. Thomas Grahn 2 anchors will stay ashore. 130 liter water more and about 150 kilo food will be added and maybe 50 – 100 kilo other things including one more mast and 2 square meter more sail area. During the passage from Dingle Ireland to Madeira I will only be carrying 70 liters of water. It will test the boats speed and behavior. In Madeira I will load her for 200 days and 13400 miles to Dunedin NZ. She will at the beginning be overloaded but the first part of the voyage is in the relativly light trade winds of the eastern part of the North Atlantic. Already when reaching the equator and the South East trades she will be lighter and when passing south of Africa she have lost half of her load and hopefully me and her, we have found our peak performance.






Regards Yrvind.