The ropes in the centerboard did not run smothly so I am working on an other much better system. More about that later.

The rudder system is also being uppgraded. When I designed it I had in mind the boat sailing to windward healing 20 degrees so the rudder axis is 20 degrees out to compensate for that and also 20 degrees slope that they will not catch seeweed and other things . But – my rudders will also serve as brakes instead of a drouge. I just angle them outwards. Now I realised that that will give lift to the aft helping to pitch pole the boat.

The outward angle is now reduced to about ten degrees becouse that is better downwind and the aft to about 5 degrees. Tan for 5 and 0 degrees are nearly the same in this context. Of course it would be even better to angle them forward becouse that will suck the aft end of the boat down but that has to be balanced against catching things. It is a compromise.

Also I widened the platform 18 cm and lengtened her by 5 cm to enable me to have a longer tiller and so that the bathining ladder will not interfere with the line system.

The pictures below show before and after the change. The new line arrangement is not shown.

after change

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.