Hi I have had a bug and have been taking it easy for the last two weaks. Now the bug is beaten and I am in better shape.

I am doing odd jobs on Exlex lately mostly for storing water and food for the long passages. The longest one between Argentina to Australia is estimated to take 150 days in stormy seas. The first idea was to use water bags but in the end I did not trust myself to be able to secure them good enough. Nils Malmgren have been good enough to supply me with jerrycans of good quality.

Below is some photos.

The 36 5 litre jerry cans from NM
I have modified a screw cap to transfer the water to the daily 1 litre bottles. I have made a spanner usisng NM-epoxy and carbonfibre to tighten the caps good enough and not least to be able to open them when thirsty.

A close up of the cap spanners. I have used a cap as a mould. It is a good fit.

Unfortunately all the water and food takes up a lot of space. But I still have more space left than many small boat sailors like Robert Manrey Tinkerbelle and Gerry Spiess Yanke Girl

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind…