Uppdate 2014

Good New Year.

Miki from Wienna is here again to help with computer modelling and wideo.

I have had an eye operation. I was nearly blind on the left eye. For a man that has ten thousand books that was bad news.

It was the macula. A nice doctor drained the eye did her work and filled the eye with air. After a while water started to leak in. I saw the world like through a diving mask half filled with water. later only a bubble was left. Then the bubble was gone. Then I could look up. I had been laying on my stomach for two weeks.

However I had been thinking on my boat. I had decided that I needed a new rudder system.

Below the old one.

Here is the new system.

It gives me more place on the swimming platform. I can also stand there when sculling. The rudders foreward en will be under the platform preventing them from ventilating when the boat is travelling fast, that is surfing down a breaker.

There will also be a lot of fine weather. For those days there will be a side hatch close to the water on each side. See above.

Above chart table and book support.

Above chart table from side. It can be angled will slide and by changing the fulcrum can move up and down. Also when on other tack it can be angled from the other side. I will spend a lot of time reading my 100 kilo books during the planned 600 days voyage.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind