My antibiotics cure will be finished on saturday. However Anne one of the sailing doctors told me that it is prudent to wait with departure two to three days after that. Monday or thusday will therefore be possible departure days.

Luckily the GRIB-files look good for now. However one should not trust them completely. In fact one should not trust anyone or anything completely except the sea.

I have heard from different sources that the real wind speed is 20%, 50% and even up to 100% faster than shown by the GRIB. Remembering that the wind force increases with the square of the speed the forces are respectivly 44%, 225% and 400% stronger than what one is made to belive.

Especially the wind speed of hurricanes are underestimated because the cover a relatively small area compared to the GRIB-net.

Fortunatly small boats have less to fear from hurricanes than big ones becouse they atract much smaller forces. Especially my boat being very small, being home made and of epoxy  and with much carbon fibre and thick heavy Divinycell have nothing to fear unless very close to a lee shore.

Less good this night I had a visit from an other mousquito. I hope these bites will not repeat my previus problems and delay departure. The sea is a much safer place I long to get going.