Progress is good. Most of the epoxy work under deck is now done. I have started with the foreward deckhouse.

Below are some pictures.

First, me in the deckhouse mockup. Its from here I intend to handle sails and leeboard. I will do that running downwind with the two rudders in breaking position. A rope controlling the rudders runs the inside perifimeter of Ex Lex.

This is the size of all windows. Its mineral glass tempered and heat soaked to resist spontanius granulation.

Prebending the Divinycell with weights where the hatch will be. The inside is laminated.

Cutting the panel to shape.

Details done. The aft storage.

The hatches are bolted down.

The above is a better solution than the one I used on late Yrvind Ten wich consisted of a washer on the screw resting on stainless steel.

Detail of washer. One learns.

This time I  am using RG7 Gun Metall to take up the bolt forces. It contains 5 – 7 % lead thus giving very little friction. I could not find material of the right dimension so I bought a bar and sliced it.

Im my bedroom I have laminated in a stainless steel pipe to take the safety belt.

I made several places to fasten the belt. It can be handy to fasten other things to. It do not look beauteiful but it shure is strong.

Fastening poits in the most foreward part of the boat. Part of the anchors and plastic jerrycans can be seen in the background.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.