Waiting for bad weather

Hi friends

Today September is day 70 at sea. There is still plenty of food and water and I am in good shape. My plan is to float around here fore a while. Bet it is now September in the North Atlantic. The gale frequency is increasing. In fact bad weather is on its way, a thing I disapprove of. But being a Stoiker it has to be. Pilot chart also show hurricanetracks passing my position. I will see how long I stay here before heading for Horta Fayal Azorena . All sail are now down. I have trailing from the stern a kind of drogue consisting of a SPADE-anchor, trailing from the anchor a chain attached to a rope with plywood rondells, a kind of homemade Jordan series drogue. In the end of the rope with the roundels is a piece of chain to sink it. The strong winds are not here yet. The daggerboard is up.

Exlex behaves fine for the moment. However I have a transom stern not suitable to this strategi. Next boat will be a double ender, a canoe cruiser. But it is a long way to my workshop. 

I thank for all donations that helps to make this interesting cruise.