Today Exlex weight is 660 kilo. I can live with that I had wished for 10% less.  It is much better than her predecessor.

The original plan was for voyages not more than 60 days, as building has progressed my ambitions have grown. I think I can live on 1.5 kilos a day 1 kilo water and 0,5 kilo food. For 166 days I need 250 kilos.

250 plus boat is 910 plus myself 70 kilos gives a total weight of about one metric ton that should give me a range of 8000 miles at 2 knots speed or from Argentina to Australia. Hopefully this version of Exlex is faster than her predecessor. Anyway this is just wishfull dreams.

Below some media.

314 kilos foreward 316 kilos back 3 masts 7.5 kilo Rudder and tillers 19 kilos
Sumbeam systems solarpanels glued the wires enter the cabin below the panels.
Exlex now has her name written on her. The sculling oar in a handy position.

A short video on the electric installation.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind