The 22 of April is my 75:th birthday. To celebrate it I will show YRVIND 10, serve buns and fruit drinks to any person having a positive interest in long distance cruising in small boats between 16: 00 and 18:00. If many people turn up the limited number of buns will go to the ones arriving first. Please do not bring flowers or other gifts. However if you like to support my project there is a donation button in the lower left corner on the front page of my website. My books will be on sale, no one will be pressured to buy books. It is not a found raising party  but a birthday celebration.
I am very pleased to be so old. I have had many problems with grown-ups during my life.
— Wait until you get older, they have said, and then you will realize your folly. Now I am not likely to meet many bureaucrats and such older than me.
My whole life has been an uphill struggle but hopefully from now on its all going downhill.
Below some pictures of what time has done to me. Please extrapolate.

Welcome. Adress: Södra infartens företagscenter. Baumansgatan 4 Västervik Sweden Regards Yrvind.