The boat is now planned to be 6.4 meter instead of 7.8 meter.

Reason is: 2020 I sailed from Ålesund Norway to the Azores 78 from there to Porto Santo Madeira 23. Problem was on fora on internet people did not like the 1.7 knot average speed. They thought I sailed to slow. Me myself I was quite happy taking it easy. There is no engine on Exlex. Nowadays to wait for wind is not common. In fact when I was becalmed north of the Faroe Island for a few days. One day I heard a deafeaning sound that broke the silence. It was a rescue helikopter abouve my head. Somehow with the modern notion of thumbs up I convinced them that all was OK and they flew back to base.

Back in Sweden I started a 7.8 meter prototype longer for more speed. This year I sailed Madeira – Acores in 21 days and then to Ireland in 28 days.

When I came back to workshop and saw the long boat I got second thoughts about all that speed and how much less handy the boat would become. I do not sail for a destination. I sail to be out on the deep blue endless eternal sea. Sailing slowly is like a slow walk in the woods. It suits me. The sea is kind to the gentle seafarer.

I scrapped the long boat I started a new shorter one, not a prototype but a composite sandwich construction that I hope will take me on many a long sail in the less crowded high latitudes.

Below a recent video, below that a video made by an Amarican about my life.

Regards Yrvind.