It is a long time since I did work on YRVIND TEN. I have had her exhibited in Göteborg and Stockholms boatshows. Also I have been making a trip to Holland to visit my old crew member Janneke. We talked about the days sailing Bris and being capsized and pitchpooled in the roaring forties near Cape Horn.

Very few small boats have been sailing in those waters. We boath agreed that a capsize and pitchpoole was completely harmless regarding personal injuries. As Janneke expressed it it all went in a flow.

Below a picture of Janneke in Bris

I have now starting with the stowage below the bed. The picture below shows me taking off the shape of the main dividing piece of plywood.

Next picture is me coating it with NM-650 epoxi it has very low viscosity high wetting and long open time, that is excellent for coating.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind