Yrvind adapts to a life on land

Yrvind is enjoying himself at Horta Azores. The long period (78 days) at sea took it’s attribute. He is now slowly adopting to land life. He says he making progress, but still suffer from fatigue.

Kind people have offered him ice cream and that’s something he really like. He also have to stay in quarantine a couple of days. That sounds crazy with respect to his long lonely period at sea. But the authorities have to treat everyone equally, so he find it okay. He will soon start writing on his website and tell us his story. For now he is satisfied to stay where he are and have found some interesting boats to study for his next boat project, a kind of narrow whale hunting boats. For sure, as soon he gets home he will start  building a boat inspired of all new ideas he acquire from his latest adventure.


Photo Marek Hryniewiecki
Interesting boat design