Yrvind at Horta Azores after a long voyage

Today Yrvind have reached Horta on the Azores. 78 days at sea, 3571 nautical miles at an average speed of 2 knots. Yesterday was a little bit frustrating for him because there was a light head vind and he was close to land but could not dock at the port. He had to stay at sea and wait over the night for better conditions. To stop the boat from drifting he decided to use his sea-anchor. To get this thing onboard again was a heavy work that took him three hours to get done. 78 days at sea is a long time. His muscles is far away from what they use to be and he need support to be able to walk. But this is not a new experience for him and he has gone through this befor a couple of times. I spoke to him on telefon and he said he was in a good mental shape and look forward to stay on land and visit Horta.