HI friends.

When I mix epoxy I do not use a pump even if it is a faster method. I measure epoxy on a scale to the 1/10 of a gram. Then I use 2 pot mixing. That is I first mix in one pot then I pour it over into an other and mix again. Molecules are tiny things. Always some get stuck in the mixing pot. If you pour the mix into a new pot you increase the distribution. To test this cut up a pot with some left over epoxy and most likely you can feel that the pot wall is sticky, an indication of bad mix. I repeat the process just to make sure.

Most people use the pump system as it is very convinient. It works well but I like to do as good as possible. I reason if I do my best at al times with everything even if the advantage of each operation is minute in the end I be better of. And in bad weather I sleep very well. I got a good conscience, I know that I have done my best if I still fail, so It may be. I am a stoic.

Below is a video.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.